3 Indonesian Welding Kampuh Students Accepted Internships at Japan’s Oshima Shipbuilding

Surabaya – – Kampuh Welding Indonesia in organizing education and training uses an integrated model that provides a strong balance between theory and practice in a balanced manner so that graduates can be directly accepted into the world of work both at home and abroad.

In following the professionalism of the world of work which continues to grow rapidly Kampung Welding Indonesia also made a breakthrough in the form of placement of graduates in the industrial world so that they have special skills as provisions in the world of work. Such provisions are used by them when there is an opportunity for industrial placement in Jwpqng.

Sapta reported that there were departures of 3 participants Specified Skill Workers (SSW) / Tokutei ginou to the Oshima shipyard located in Saikai, Nagasaki Prefecture. They have the opportunity to become skill workers at the shipyard, which is also the first time recruiting from Indonesia as a Skill Worker.

Sapta continued that previously in the same place, there were already 3 apprentices from Kampung Welding Indonesia, seeing from the performance and attitude of these 3 people, Oshima Shipbuilding planned to recruit new apprentices and skill workers from Indonesia via Kampung Welding Indonesia.

While the Director of Kampung Welding Indonesia, Moh Munir; said that in 2020 the Oshima shipyard had selected 9 apprentices, consisting of 3 welder, 3 clever people, and 3 skill worker participants. Even every year Oshima will come to Kampuh to select the participants from the welding village, both as apprentices or skill worker participants.

Good luck with the successful placement of Indonesian Welding Kampuh graduates can continue to open the best opportunities for Indonesian welder to be more active in the international world by increasing workforce who have the best skills.